Award Winning Novelist
And Professional Memoir Ghostwriter

Do you have a legacy that needs to be preserved?
Would you like to see your life told in the form of a novel?
Or made into a movie?
Making you both rich and Famous
What words of wisdom do you want to leave for your family?
Would you like to have your life's work validated?
Or the record set straight?

In Reality
When will you write your memoirs?

Tomorrow, or the next or . . .
Will you take the first step today?
Written by master storyteller JOHNNY RAY this guide and workbook will lead you through the process of telling the story that must be told and can only be told by you.

1) An introduction to what is a memoir
2) How to get started
3) How to recall the memories that make up the pages of your life
4) Determining the main turning points in your life
5) How to stay focused on the main story
6) Deciding which characters to include or exclude
7) Doing research and fact checking
8) Determining the author's voice and point of view
9) Determing if the book should be factual or fiction
10) Determining the driving purpose behind writing the memoir
11) Determining who the  intended reader is
12) Determining how open the author wishes to be
13) Showing versus telling
14) How to polish the memoir
15) How to find an agent or publisher
16) Other methods of getting published
17) How to hire a ghostwriter
18) A list of questions a ghostwriter will usually ask
    This guide and workbook will lead you through the steps to create your own memoir. A ghostwriter can cost you as much as $500 for even a short story type memoir to over $100,000 for a full length memoir. The consulting fee alone can run to as much as $500 per hour.

     This guide will save you money as it shows you how to develop and write your own memoir. if you decide you do need to hire a ghostwriter later the instructions enclosed in the guide and workbook should decrease the cost of hiring a ghostwriter by lowering the amount of time the ghostwriter has to spend in developing the story, saving you thousands of dollars.

     While this material has a copywrite, the purchaser is allowed to use it to discuss any legal considerstions they might have in telling their story with their attorney and can also be given to any ghostwriter they decide to hire later 
This guide and workbook can be purchased at an unbelievable price of less than a few minutes of time charged by most ghostwriters

This e-book will be available to you in a down loadable PDF as soon as payment is made.

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Just two hours of consulting time could
come to over $1,000
and while
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   For less than the price of one nice dinner out you can establish your legacy. Remember your story can be told by you or by others. Isn't it worth setting the record straight and passing on your traditions and wisdoms to those you love the most.

     While ther is no guarantee that your work could be sold to a major publishing house or made into a movie, the possability does exist for those willing to put in the effort and have the story that must be told.